Nothing Ordinary: Extraordinary EP

by GKWunder




An Extraordinary Piece.


released January 25, 2015

Daschade, Peet, mjNichols, Tido Vegas, Olu, 9th Wonder, Cayman Cline, Canis Major, Clean Bandit.



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GKWunder Riverside, California

Good Music.
Good Vibes.

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Track Name: Clear [Prod.By Daschade]
Verse 1
I step over boundaries with a swagger like a gentleman specimen fighting for a cause,showing battle scars like a veteran,to a regimen,hunting for game like venison,i'm ready to play,like a kid in the arcade with a landfill of quarters in his pocket, just got paid (weekly allowance) game face on for the top score on the leaderboard,i'm a leader that's bored,i can't be ignored,sucka I'm hard to miss like a youtube ad that begins on every video that you click,listening to what i've been told is that my rhymes are sick enough to make ebola look like the common cold,huh ill I know right,now it's time for GK to take the spotlight,performing worldwide, a living legend showing legends can be made,legendary status no fade,like coffee stains,using all my misery as not an injury,but as my victory,all for my liberty,that's been lost in history,never accustomed to fearing mystery,but open to seeing something unknown so vividly.
Hook 2x
This is me,looking straight like a G,an MC soul vibing heavy,so so take a listen here,let it glisten in ya ear,so clear.
Bounce wit me yeah2x
Track Name: Chill [Prod.By Peet] feat. Jay Stubbs
Verse 1
That cali weather got the finest pleasure,chill gesture,vibe with me,i'll take ya on an adventure,the sun rays brushing the heat on my skin,girls in bikini's around,i guess it's time to take a swim,well the sun is blazing hotter than a kitchen stove,so its time to hang like the buddhas earlobes,walk in the sands and watch all the waves go,chase all the seagulls,bonfires with people.
Hook 2x
All we do is chill,all we do is vibe,come along and get the feel,see why all of this is a big deal,all we do is chill,man we keep it real,all of this is trill
Verse 2
Fine women just take away my speech when I see em relaxing tanning on the beach,i'm like damn girl you gotta man girl,understand girl,i gotta better plan girl,and she like hol' up,you rap?,well girl that's a fact,all i do is rhyme to get a stack,(ching ching money sound)all i do is make music to define, what's in my mind,do you mind if i make you mine?
Hook 2x
All we do is chill,all we do is vibe,come along and get the feel,see why all of this is a big deal,all we do is chill,man we keep it real,all of this is trill
Yeah we just chill,all we do is chill,yeah chill.
Track Name: Lifted [Prod.By mjNichols]
Hook 2x
And we just cruisin on by,getting high,staying hella fly,gravity defy,taking shots,as we drive-by,so lifted,flow gifted,show wicked,ness,we gentlemen who live to express.
Verse 1
Yo It's me and yesh on the downlow,sewing the fabrics of a smooth clothes to not wear the outro, stereo slapping beats as if they were fat asses, that last line makes you think I wrote it for all the masses, nah,this is for my standards, making people sway with questions like i don't got the answers, bitch please,i'm living my life by my own subtle decrees, i appease this good music with ease, we vibing straight riding,feeling alive an', 808s banging so energy is thriving, so gimme a beat lemme just flow on it,show on it, spitting some heat, and no one competes cuz the outcome is gon' be in defeat, and one day I will go meet the legends from back in the day and witness them play my music and with no delay,go ahead and say damn GK this is truly a masterpiece shit it's something legendary,and recognize that I'm nothing ordinary.
Hook 2x
And we just cruisin on by,getting high,staying hella fly,gravity defy,taking shots,as we drive-by,so lifted,flow gifted,show wicked,ness,we gentlemen who live to express.
Track Name: Give You More [Prod.By Olu]
Verse 1
Lately I've been feeling kinda down gee,had my head up in the clouds,clouding my thoughts i can't see,what's ahead of me,do i stop or do i keep pushing,when you fall timber you wouldn't have a cushion,i'm looking for myself,lost in lies from they told,when they sugar coat,whatever floats your boat,to elope,when you think all hope is gone,all is wrong nothing's right,all along,the night moves on to the break of dawn light,but all the mess that's shown,i should've known,i'll be alone,on my phone waiting for a single ring,always growing,knowing that a door is closing,still hoping for all the pain to end,cuz i could give so much more,now let me say again,i've been waiting for the tide to pull me in,so i can swim,and there's no fin,when you begin,we all in sin,this is just a scene from what i seen flowing down life's stream,read inbetween,the world you knew ain't really what it seems,so chase your dreams,yeah.
Verse 2
Friends and family tell me to keep on moving,their care is soothing,at least i know they help with my regrouping,I'm starting a revolution against the fear I have,looking for a solution to problems i couldn't grasp,left and right,man I tryna make a difference,but the waves of disappointment wash away my footprints,so with every step i take,the weight won't compensate,this some hate you can relate,contemplate,in this game of life and death,but man it ain't so playful,God send me an angel,before i get the halo,hitting the sides of this road,where everything's an accident,crashing with the past,getting a reality check you can't cash in a bank,but at the bank of life's river i go with the flow,got the lord to thank,praying that my destiny is meant for me and all the pain was really worth,till the day i die,i live my life anew,rebirth.
Verse 3
They say hard work beats talent when talents fails to work hard,but if you got both man that really sets the bar,up to par with legends posted on posters on my wall,an inspiration to spark that fire ignite in all,we all big fish in small ponds,you are your habitat,so don't be afraid to go beyond and not turn back,cuz taking chances is better than being content,realizing what all those tumbler quotes meant,the pursuit of happiness I'm gon chase till the day I'll pass,living in the moment,just tryna grasp,but sometimes I'm distracted with all this stress on stress,using my teach a lesson flow test on test,straight perfectionist,tryna do my best on best,my girl left,i deal with heartbreak on 808s like kanye west,good music,good music,is what i love to do,i always give you more,never satisfied with only few,it's true.
Track Name: You [Prod.By Tido Vegas]
Verse 1
What's love? something you see the movies,read in the novels? Why is that when the word comes up people start acting so damn hostel? Is it something that comes up when you see someone at first sight? Or is that just lust to get somebody back at your home for a night? Goddam this questions,got me thinking if someone really gives they heart,or if it's all a game and when they score on the leaderboards they leave and depart looking back in the past at all the relationships that couldn't last,all of the times just putting each other on blast,i just couldn't stand so then we collapse letting our friends decide our own choices,even when it should've been our own voices,i'm just trying to keep us on track,but i keep on seeing pitch black,goddam i take it all back all the angry voicemails I left,the hate i would text,now baby girl baby girl what is gon happen next,depression forgetting the happiness taken from part of my soul,you portioned a whole,i'm stuck in a hole,with nowhere to go,and I'm lost inside of my mind,cuz when all that time,and effort,is thrown in the gutter, i can't speak when i'm helpess i
Verse 2
Voicemail again,why can't you pick up,pick up,i'm tryna talk with you,i wanna take a walk with you and talk it through,but you just won't let up,got me feeling so damn fed up,and it's hard to keep my head up when you tryna bring me down,with your gravity insults,telling me that it's my fault,that I messed up,but i fess up,and you stress me,and you test me,you arrest me,copping the feeling that you are the boss,and that I am weak,but in reality damn you are nothing but a control freak,you're telling me this you're telling me that,bringing up all the bad things that i did in the past,cuz you did something that you don't want me to catch,isn't this an ironic time?,the real criminal to find is the one that's putting up every wanted sign,makes me think like first i thought you were different,second you are a hypocrite,and lastly you are not worth it,you took away my purpose,so now i came to my senses,and thought about somthing true,on a map of problems the ex marks the spot and now that's you.
Track Name: Vent [Prod.By 9th Wonder]
Throughout this year and all its shitty parts i brought the sense of belonging from the use of how my flow departs,from straight kicking repeated hate dissing,to where ambition,gets my fam to eat, dietician,had conclusions to stories that shouldn't end,and even questioned myself of what truly is a friend,then again an end means a new will begin,but I hope my bitter past won't have a future evil twin present,cuz it is it's a one way ticket to hell, a sob story to tell,then alienated roswell, it's truly heartbreaking to see,then having that vacancy feeling of being empty,yeah it's ironic of how i have plenty of nothing,shit ain't that last line something,knowing you have nothing to lose,filling the shoes that don't fit your views,then excepted to run with it,without tripping once,and there are no safety crews with the way my grind stunts, read between the lines that underline my spoken word,don't take my word for it cuz it's worded to be heard,by a herd of sheep that had their perceptions blurred,and still they can't understand like my speech is slurred cuz my rhymes go in one ear and out the other, but ya still fucks with it like an obsessed lover, still most think my theory's absurd yall,but this is pitched straightforward no curve ball,so i lived my life with nothing that I'd take back,and if you wanna hear the truth hit the playback, i lived my life with nothing that I'd take back,and if you wanna hear the truth hit the playback.
Track Name: Stand Tall [Prod.By Cayman Cline]
Verse 1
Before I was nothing,tryna make my life worth something,yeah I was starting from the bottom,support from the fans yeah I got em in lots and they call me top gun cuz I call all the shots,now spray,leave em all in disarray,but still the damn hate won't ever go away,so i just gotta go and accept,cuz i can't waste any time of mine,i got beats to wreck,huh always on point with the pen,so you can apprehend the message that I'm tryna send,i begin by putting a spin,by tearing apart every limb,for the win even if the situation's grim,i control my life like a sim,playing no games,this is real life,so i real write,no fake bars,even if that made fake stars,i won't ever stoop down to that level,but the average life I won't settle,and my lava like rhymes are a warming bliss,and that's just another reason why I'm born for this,yeah.
Verse 2
Give me a beat,let me speak out, take a listen and crowds rock out,cuz they tryin' their best to cage me,nah i still let the beast out,eye of the tiger,yall freak out,my past was rocky,punchlines knockout,damn that crazy,that i'm ahead of my time,spitting slippery flows,that you gon need a wet-floor sign,yeah i'm a go and blast off,bad to the bone like my cast off literally haters circle me so this mc squared up like the theory of relativity,and back then i used to wake up ill with depression that's true mourning sickness,but now new opportunites knock on my door like a Jehovah's witness, real talk,i run shit,no walk,subtracted the what ifs from my life,cuz it just drove me crazy,but now I've come to find that it can't faze me,and that we have purpose no matter how big or small,so take your shots whenever you have the chance and don't ever ever drop the ball,stand tall.
Track Name: Vibe [Prod.By Canis Major]
Verse 1
Tell me how you feel,uh drop some knowledge,give me a reason why lies are better than honesty, it's real,uh,no fakes,tell me why posers seek the real to replace,I'm I'm sick of sitting in place watching my life pass on by right in front of my face,I hate,double crossers,crossing my path,playing puzzles from how they cross words what's up with that?,I'm ripping,the rhythm,of taking a listen to their dissing,never missing the condition of insults hitting,my mentality,finding it painful to smile like having a cavity,never believing a word from the herd of blasphemy,oh my,good god you they fly,but when you take a deeper look at inside,you can tell that it is all pride,and it's all for show,just to show off,really nothing else to even go off,had a lot of people that I would blow off,but now i take the time to go and flow off.
Hook 2x
Life,just vibe for heaven's sake,the feeling is worth the wait,take you to a higher place.
Track Name: Rather Be [Prod.By Clean Bandit] feat. Jess Glynne
Verse 1
Give me time,give me pleasure,give me love I can measure,give me something to hold on,maybe something golden,keep it close,never lose it,all I got is this music,and i feel it all in my soul,even though it pays a toll,now I never really thought it could happen,on the come-up with this rapping,even if we didn't make it yet,i could still see my dream is set,not much of dream but destination,giving yall some hope anticipation,on the grind,never wasting time,keeping a positive state of mind,all along I was ready will strong keeping it steady cuz i was told if you want something badly act like you have it already,but it's hard when people can't accept you from what they blindly see,but I will never ever change cuz this is me and who I'd rather be.
Verse 2
Backpacking in my city,hustling,tryna bring the whole town wit me,keep it real,no replicas here,travel for the feel,the message is clear,cuz life is a journey but if you don't have drive,it concerns me,so get in the front seat,seat belt,stay seated and don't break,look inside and awake,yeah uh,never sleep,and focus and reach in so deep,i do it all like imogen heap,so take a closer look get a peep,cuz your boy's about to do it and his love's about to prove it,shoot for dreams go and bazook it,solve a cube of problems,rubik's,yeah this is my life,and i keep it on point,tryna do it alright, i have my foresight,and my third eye that is for sight,before light,i score right,for a movie scene on the movie screen,and keep it trill for the thrill and will of skill,cuz this music is who I am my ID and who I'd rather be.