unsung hero

by GKWunder




released October 11, 2016



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GKWunder Riverside, California

Good Music.
Good Vibes.

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Track Name: the root of all evil
I got my mind on my money
and my money on my mind
but when you die you can’t take it with ya it’s left behind,
so i’m here,
tryna atone for all my sins,
this past year,
i lost my way,
but man pain made it clear,
blessed to wake up everyday
just a soul that follows God’s plan I go Yahweh,
pictures of life with the pen on this canvas,
i see the devil tryna tempt me,
but I don’t panic,
one with universe,
when I look to the stars,
with the breeze cooling my face,
the world is ours,
It's nothing like finding your purpose,
and seeing your worth,
with your head up in the clouds and being so down to earth,
and it's human nature
To rise and fall,
our perfection
is shown through flaws,
and this is a message to all the people,
wealth is love and health,
not the root of all evil.
Track Name: wanderlust
Yeah I'm soul searching for purpose,
This for the fam yo
we stay connected like cursive,
With dreams bigger than obesity,
On the low like secrecy,
From point A to point B,
I enjoy the scenery,
city lights to mountain views,
Open roads to shorelines,
Yeah going through
the seasons of life
I wish we got more time,
And more wine to unwind,
To lay back, feel the breeze,
See the stars, in the night skies,
While listening to oldies, like wow
Now tell me can you feel it?
Have you ever had that moment where you feel like you the illest?
With the bombest bitch alive
by your side singing your lyrics
if so then mothafucka
then you really must be me bitch.
Yeah man it's been awhile
since I got love
Shit happens to all of us,
To where you don't know who to trust,
But I stay driven by wanderlust,
Spittin bars that'll never rust,
To all my homies that love to bust,
I'll take you with me when I blow up, i promise
Yeah ever since I found the sound,
Ya boy the talk of the town,
Cuz all I do is shut it down,
a visionary with imagination,
Toasting at celebration,
Cuz I was told to do what you love
Cuz no matter what
people be still be hating, that's real.
Yeah it's been a long time coming,
I'm an unknown genius
like good will hunting,
Got a dollar and a dream,
People say I'm going places,
Cuz i ain't comfortable with defeat even if i wore asics damn.
Yeah man this a story
that never ends,
Full of those who only pretend,
And bandwagon upon a trend,
Where real shit is overlooked,
dumb shit is overbooked,
And loyalty is non-existant,
Cuz people scared
of real committment, that's real
Yeah uh nowadays it's hard to live,
Cuz our people always seem to take
and never once just think to give,
So recognize that shit,
When you get faded on friday night,
Drunk off lean that purple sprite,
Hiding that pain through a party life,
Yo i am just a man,
Who's just tryna right his wrongs,
With the future in his hands,
And his heart all in the songs.
Track Name: unsung hero
The man of the hour,
I’m waiting for my time to blow with the sundial,
Never falling off balance as i keep my pivot,
This for those I haven't seen,
Goddam it's been a minute,
I'm just here to spread a message like a jehovah's witness,
So I could bear the fruits of my labor that's citrus,
Gassing myself up like it was propane,
To keep my noodle in check cuz I feel lo mane,
Get it? Sometimes we all need alittle food for thought,
Spacing out daily like a mothafuckin astronaut,
Never giving myself the time to breathe,
Believe in laws of attraction,
Ask and you shall receive,
You know you're driven when your wants become your needs,
Fuck thinking twice I just let my heart take the lead,
That is me,
And i ain't changing
For a record deal,
I'ma stay true,
With the motto to keep it real.
I'm an unsung hero,
Fanbase zero,
Bank hungry appetite crazy for dinero,
Got that watch on my wrist,
To tell my time now,
And i don't believe in beef unless it's from a cow,
And i learned to not live in the past when you reminisce
Cuz i don't fully understand i only get the jist,
But that's life
And it's purpose,
And if yall think i'm getting too deep
Well I only scratched the surface,
Yeah this that spoken word,
Poetry from the soul my homie if you haven't heard,
I've been soul searching finding myself,
my girl and family are the only ones who gon' share this wealth,
Cuz loyalty is everything,
I'm engaged with this flow without a wedding ring,
Off to better things,
I'm taking shit to new heights,
To one day see my name
in the city lights and I'm gone.