Nothing Ordinary EP

by GKWunder




Debut Mixtape. Nothing Ordinary A Glimpse Into A Young Soul.


released 09 May 2014

Production Handled By Kountdown Beats x Sdotfire, HitMakerDot, C.A.G Beats, Felly, L.A. CHASE, One Tone, and Fatir.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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Track Name: Small People/Intro [Prod.By Kountdown Beats X SDotfire]
Counting stars and chasing dreams,fantasies and biggest hopes to people seem like make-believe,stressing on what haters say letting B.S get in my way,but this is music to my ears,i won't stop,i'll let it play,i dedicate this to those who grind 24/7,sacrificing to touch the sky and get a piece of heaven,share the wealth and be nobel,whether worldwide or local,to blow-up like chernobyl,i'll deliver like postal,till i see the fame in a large sum,and help the fam with income,so even till my last breath,i still wouldn't be done,got the city on my back,i do it all for the ones i love,praying hard to keep on track,i ain't alone with the man above,and i ain't quittin this close to the finish line,starting off on the wrong page,it'll all come in due time,life is a movie so there's a sequel to come,play your part,take it to heart,never forget where you're from,one.
Track Name: Falling Star [Prod.By C.A.G Beats]
Verse 1
Have you ever had that moment when you hit rock bottom,and did all that you can do but still had a fall like autumn,where people around you fill your head with dreams of success,then when the going got tough,they all got up and just left,no goodbyes no farewell,just more lies and hope fell,where you had to quit,feeling adequate,failure's advocate,letting the past get to your head that you couldn't manage it,cuz being picked on,since dawn,made that much wiser,to take the wheel and be my own driver,becoming another survivor of self-esteem issues,in all of my pursues cuz every low has a purpose and one day it'll all be worth it,yeah I was different and put here for a reason,so i put in blood sweat and tears like an athlete preparing for season,had something that I believed in and I'm glad to preach to you,keep the faith alive when you have no clue in what you do whatcha do.
Verse 2
We all start out with nothing and the struggle is hard,always living by the chance life is a game of cards,there's no foundation just patience in waiting to make an impact in this nation with these dreams that we chasin,working endlessly for a better place to call home,we all imagine a perfect world so you aint alone,where rappers spit reality then sell out for fame,where others feel for our pain in the bigger picture of this frame,lets change the way we living in sinning,we all forgiven,in a world thats got me spinning,in need of better decisions for upsets and resets,piling on regrets,just turn over a new leaf,and with your life reflect,all the hardships all the mistakes,all the arguments that replay,all the people that betray like a spy in the D-E-A,uh this that song where you'd look outside your window,think bout all that you've been through,and realize that life aint simple yeah.
Verse 3
Its been many long years since my pops left my life,i had to take care of myself,people say i grew up twice,took chances nobody knew i did,i'm only 16 now but man I'm far from a kid,seen death too many times it became familiar with my face calling me over the phone tryna put me in my place,but still my will,kept me on track,with time to kill,I got bellies to fill,so that's why i chose to rap,uh,making decisions that can break or make a bond,i will keep on moving on,from dusk until dawn,i gotta keep it strong,paint a picture,see what's drawn,my past is left behind,while my future comes along.(Falling Star)
Track Name: Late Night Thoughts [Prod.By HitMakerDot]
Verse 1
Never been a fan of bitches,never been a fan of snitches,never been a fan of getting stitches,on a grind where you put in all your time,man i wanna shine,make money,live the life i imagine,i really wanna make this shit all happen,round of applause,fuck flaws,feeling down on top,contradict then i spit for a cause,this world's an oxymoron it'll take you to school boy,your que isto enjoy,this aint like any other day,feeling some type of way,so i stay and pray, positivity comes into play,lace a beat,mold something out of clay,feeling caged in as my life is on display,as an exhibit,it ain't exquisite once you live it,man it's been a minute.
Late nights,hustle hard,do it big,superstar,square one,is where we are,one day i'll make it far(2x)
Verse 2
Bitches come and go,when they know you can flow,goin fast when you want it slow,what i gotta show,is a bro,who can take you to places you see on a postcard,girl i hustle hard,i'll take you off that boulevard,this the pursuit of happiness,like the movie,there's gon' be actresses,fake face,fake laugh,fake get-up,fake shape,fake act,that's fact,and so im fed-up,focused on getting my bread-up,but that means beef's gon be served on the menu,im sandwiched between shit let me tell you,i'm blue with no clue,on what to do,what is true,what is wrong,man i should've known this all along,time to move on.
Late nights,hustle hard,do it big,superstar,square one,is where we are,one day i'll make it far(2x)
Track Name: Everyday [Prod.Felly]
Verse 1
Just chillin with my homies,doing what we do best,wake-up,put a beat on,you can figure out the rest,worry bout nothing,laid back,feeling so refreshed,music be the medicine cuz my rhymes are so sick,iller than an epidemic,man my bars are academic,scholars hit the books,cuz they really can't comprehend it,and most who take a listen feel so offended,cuz the words I'm spitting show i dont need nonsense i go independent,uh call me mr sunshine cuz i am bright kid,IQ so high you gon need a rocketship just to get a glimpse of it,take you down memory lane,so you can relate to it, im so down to earth,my problems in outerspace,haters gon get out my face,when I'm in my happy place,and relax by making tracks this a workload,rappers gon get scanned cuz they don't live by the bar code.
This what i do everyday,rhyme on the grind,then you rewind and press play2x
Verse 2
Yeah this is nothing ordinary,got alotta load to carry,on this road its kinda scary but then to be legendary,me and the flow will marry,alotta cats chasin paper,looking like they tom and jerry,and i stay fly like a helicopta,cuz my songs'll be sung in the shower,thats a soap opera,gettin on it,man i be getting on it,man its so ironic,that a kid from his room can bloom seen as iconic,now living fast,killing time,supersonic,cuz one day I'll be a star shining across the seaboard,rhymimg out of this world,space bars,no keyboard, fly since birth,i'm told i'm airbourne,yall better prepare this is the calm before the storm,catering flows,you can call em trey songz,bottoms up,this is televised like sitcoms.
This what i do everyday,rhyme on the grind,then you rewind and press play4x
Track Name: Cruising [Prod.By L.A. CHASE]
Verse 1
Feeling soulful,riding round coastal,
hitting up my phone,im the lord of the rings,frodo,
stress is a no-no,when im in my paradise,
just a slice of living nice,
no need to go tell me twice,
this my happy-ending except its just the beginning,
with the home runs i'm hitting most won't get in any inning,
a swing at what could've been,
we trend-setters handling change well like bank-tellers,
i go in with a punch flyer than featherweight,wait a minute,
i gotta handle unfinished business with corporations of hate,
from my memory bank,they never showed an interest rate,
you can see me going everywhere,
chillin with my kings and queens call it solitaire,
cuz i wasnt meant for that solitary position,
so my story was written,they labeled it fiction.
I'm cruising,snoozing,wannabes be amusing,relaxation preventing minds from bruising,living like a billionaire feeling all the freshest air,giving no care,letting all the other haters stare(2x).
Verse 2
Times chillin on the beach,
where negative vibes can't reach,
waves of positivity coming in,
playing in the sands of time,coming out of my shell to take a swim,
in a sea that you can see,
hoes are my foes,body all plastic,so barbie,
as you can see they all be coming with a price if ya wanna play with em gee,
that action figures,mama said stay away from them gold diggers,cuz they pressure hard till the bank of sanity is broke,
the love they loan,is audited and you alone,no hope,
but still,a strong spirit's been in my genes thats true religion,the dogma of happiness is what im truly living.
I'm cruising,snoozing,wannabes be amusing,relaxation preventing minds from bruising,living like a billionaire feeling all the freshest air,giving no care,letting all the other haters stare(2x).
Track Name: Nicely Done [Prod.By One Tone]
Verse 1
In a scene where gentlemen and crackheads cross paths,
and inbetween the unclean they be perfecting their craft,
where,cultures clash,for possession of cash,
and participating in class won't give a college pass,
underrated overlooked in society,
problems escalated cuz politicians lie to me,
taxes raised,addition to our poverty,
praying for better days,
negativity's surrounding me,
Lord I ask you for guidance,
cuz all I hear is silence,
in a world plagued by pointless and cultivating violence,
people turning on each other,
sister and brother,
and friends being fake like they undercover,
but in this case its who we are as a community
labeled by the scrutiny of mutiny,
to cop some jewelery,
fluently speaking foolery in my acuity,
who to be in this lunacy's,
inconclusive G.
As time goes on2x
Until the time has come,I'll be on the run,till this is nicely done(2x)
Verse 2
Life's greatest moments is a collage
with your favorite mental pictures,
seeing visions like a mirage
but every light has a shadow that follows
and is with you till the day you wouldn't see a tomorrow
every corner you turn is a lesson to learn
when you crash and burn,to whom it may concern,
success has no short-cuts only long term,
but laziness infects minds like a dangerous germ,
uh i was told to beware of gold diggers drug dealers,and dream killers,
Cuz this world is colder than alaskan winters,
meeting the parents of failure at a nerve-racking dinner,
huh,im a sinner waiting to be forgiven,
so i pray and listen,
cuz the Lord is my addiction,
after all the friction,
im switching the way I'm living,
to not be tempted like eve eating the fruit that is forbidden.
As time goes on2x
Until the time has come,I'll be on the run,till this is nicely done(2x)
Verse 3
Every empire falls in the end,
then another is built and the process repeats again,
pain suffering,
marriage broken from seduction,
hearts are stolen abduction,
broken bonds can't function,
so we left we nothing,
tryna turn debris into something,
the kids are supposed to be built like pyramids,not the ones building em,
but these establishments aint passionate,
this is hell's kitchen we stuck in a cabinet,
flabbergasted,chaos ain't heaven on earth,
fantastic hell came in like a birth,
and nothing will change,
cuz we see change as something strange,
so i guess that goal is out of range,
but i still make my mark among all these names
like a white shirt with blood stains.
As time goes on2x
Until the time has come,I'll be on the run,till this is nicely done(2x)
Track Name: Nothing Ordinary [Prod.By Fatir]
Verse 1
Ever since i was a seed
i was destined to take the lead,
the last of a dying breed,
living by a special creed,
to stick to my morals from day one,
i don't play dumb when i go and create some,
music so you the listener can vibe,
rhymes native to the hear,coming from a hip hop tribe,
lyrics on point like an arrowhead,
so im never left hanging like jack sparrow's dread,
boy dead ahead i can see the promised land,
i promise man,the promise is prominent in my project plan,
the prophet ain't focused on the profits,
i know ima make it,im just enjoying the process,
i was different since the start,
been called weird,goofy stupid as hell,but i play my part,
and teachers couldn't handle me,
going eminem,telling me to snap back to reality,
cuz i daydream,
dreaming bout the day where my dream ain't a dream when i living it and it could seen,
you know what i mean?
Verse 2
Vizualing realities i see in my sleep,
taking a leap,
into something that's deep with every rhyme i speak,
feeling like chris's angel,cuz ima mindfreak,
freaking minds,through hairline's,till i be hitting the widow's peak,
i kill spouses of hate off the top,
bars sleek into hip hop,
cream of the crop
when i wrap up like aluminum foil,dirty lyrics like scooping in soil,
flow hotter than boil,
got family thats loyal,
and a queen who is royal,hoping to God that my future don't spoil,
but this is just trailer to my life screening,
you just caught up in my headlights,high beaming,
killing beats,mortuary,is nothing ordinary's legendary itineray,
so when's the crowd's are screaming,
and attaining my dreams are leaning towards success i suggest,
you bit your tongue like a baby teething,
this all a prototype killing all these trash rappers with a so-so hype,
yeah and yall know this MC's Bright,
the true defintion of an MC Lyte.